Technical Support/Field Service

Expert Phone And Field Support


We can answer many of your bearing questions over the phone, at any time, with the support of our Field Service and Engineering team.


Kingsbury is proud to have the largest staff of Field Service, Design, and Research & Development Engineers in the fluid-film bearing industry. It is this expertise that makes us valuable to our customers.


For times when you need expert assistance in the field, contact our office and we will send out a field service technician.


Our Field Services Include:

  • Troubleshooting, inspection, field repairs
  • Bearing installation and start-up support, including alignment
  • Teardown and disassembly support
  • Babbitt Repair, scraping, and rebabbitting

Training / Seminars


Kingsbury offers in-house and on-site training on various topics, including fluid-film bearing basics, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and special topics. Kingsbury periodically offers seminars at its facility or one of ours, designed to meet your specific needs and interests.


To inquire about Kingsbury training, call us at 215-956-0565 or email

Kingsbury Technical* Articles:
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*Kingsbury, co-inventor of the tilting pad bearing, maintains its technical leadership in tilting pad bearings by continuing research.