Kingsbury Newsletter Archives

Issue 6, September 2013

  • Historic Holtwood Turbine Unit 1 Rebuild
  • Kingsbury Updates Thrust-Journal Combination Bearing
  • The Importance of Thrust Bearing Surface Finish
  • Turbomachinery Symposium and Power-Gen International Trade Shows

Issue 5, November 2012

  • Kingsbury Bearing Design Configurators
  • Kingsbury Celebrates Centennial
  • Equalize Your Additional Misalignment
  • See You At PowerGen-USA!

Issue 4, July 2012

  • Turbulent Transition in Tilting Pad Journal Bearings
  • Spring Plate Bearing Retrofit Project
  • Kingsbury, Inc. Receives President's "E" Star Award for Exports
  • High Thrust Bearing Temperatures due to Varnish

Issue 3, March 2012

  • Equalizing Thrust Bearing Misalignment
  • Industrial Pump Bearing Retrofit Project
  • Kingsbury R&D Bearing Test Lab News
  • Vespel® Thrust Bearings for Use with Process Fluids in Petrochemical Industry

Issue 2, December 2011

  • Dealing With Bearing Misalignment Issues
  • Kingsbury Technicians Get To The Bottom Of Vibration Issues
  • KSTAR Vertical Bearing Assemblies Are Kingsbury's Largest Ever
  • Dr. Morched Medhioub Joins Kingsbury
  • PowerGen Show 2011 Is Almost Here

Issue 1, September 2011

  • Preventing Electrical Pitting Damage
  • Improving Bearing Performance At A PA Utility
  • Kingsbury Bearings For The Shah Gas Project
  • Visit Us At The 2011 PowerGen Show