Frequently Asked Questions for Kingsbury Bearings

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Hydrodynamic Bearings

1. I have a bearing, but I can't identify it. What information does your company need?

If it is a Kingsbury bearing, please provide the numbers that are etched on the bearing, such as:
a) the drawing number (e.g., 365714, 470134, 27-10%-13A, 30-5-16AB), or
b) the previous order number (e.g., 57-195, 64-537, K991582), or
c) the identification number etched on the part (e.g., KI-IT 000166, KI-IT 027194, 366041-001).

Please note that all major parts have been etched since 1980.

2. My bearing pad temperatures are running "hot". What should I do?

Measured temperatures are mainly a function of the speed, load, clearance, oil supply temperature and oil flow rate for the application. Changes in any one of these parameters can have a
corresponding effect on the measured pad temperature.

Most hot running bearings can be fixed by correcting the problem that caused one of the parameters shown above to change. If your application is running hot due to an overload condition, Kingsbury's

Sales Engineers can assist you in selecting a bearing that is suitable for the increased load.

Bearing temperatures should be measured just below the babbitt surface. Recommended locations for temperature sensors can be found in product catalogs LEG Thrust and Journal.

3. I want to find out if my bearing can be repaired. How do I do this?

For repair of a fluid film bearing, contact our Repair and Field Service Division

For repair of a rolling element bearing, contact our Messinger Sales team.

Repair and Service

1. Does Kingsbury provide service and repair for non-Kingsbury products?

Yes. Kingsbury has extensive experience troubleshooting, replacing, or repairing all makes and models of fluid film, babbitted thrust and journal bearings.

2. Is there a charge for sending back parts for inspection and possible repair?

No. In most cases, the customer is repsonsible for the transportation of the parts to and from our facility. Standard incoming inspection is normally sufficient for Kingsbury to determine a repair/replace quotation, for which there is no charge. Kingsbury only asks that you contact us to give us any background information and to provide you with a reference umber for identification. Kingsbury will not perform any work until authorized to do so by the customer.

Often, Kingsbury will be able to make some determination based on photos and some basic information that can be provided by the customer without even shipping the parts to us.

In the rare case in which more detailed inspection/dissassembly is required, or if requested to perform special inspections for the customer, Kingsbury will provide a proposal to do so prior to performing the work.